Affréter un jet privé LINEAGE
24 Juil 2016

Embraer Présente Le Jet D’affaires Lineage 1000

Embraer (NYSE :ERJ) lance aujourd’hui le Lineage 1000, un jet d’affaires ultra gros porteur fondé sur la plateforme de jet commercial EMBRAER 190. Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. – (NYSE : ERJ); Bovespa : EMBR3 et EMBR4), le premier constructeur mondial d’appareils à réaction de jusqu’à 110 sièges, compte 36 années d’expérience en design, développement, construction, livraison et service après vente d’appareils destinés aux compagnies aériennes internationales, aux ministères de la Défense et aux marchés d’avions d’affaires.

Even though this aircraft can seat 9 passengers, the cabin height of 5′ 1 feet and the cabin width of 4′ 10 make it generally taller but less wide than a typical light jet, though aircraft length is more along the lines of a mid sized jet at 19 ft. Bombardier themselves claim that the Lear 45 is a mid sized jet built to sit between the Learjet 31 and the Learjet 60.

Finding a business jet for hire can take moments with a quick search, after which, calling to inquire about the empty leg would mean if said private jet is available, you would be able to book a last minute private flight in under 30 minutes, sometimes allowing for near instant departure if your private jet is at your departure airport or nearby already.

The choice of ELEB to develop and manufacture the landing gear of the KC-390 jet was the result of a detailed evaluation that took all of the technical and commercial aspects of the project into account, as well as the company’s experience, the technology used, and the management of development risks,” said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, President of Embraer Defense and Security.

Jet d’affaires pour les locataires, gain de temps, une grande efficacité, la sécurité, la vie privée et forte, mettre en évidence les caractéristiques de marque, car les compagnies aériennes, les perspectives du marché des avions d’affaires, tandis que seulement une fraction du prix d’une machine jet d’aviation location jet privé LINEAGE d’affaires. The enormous 1780 lbf of thrust outputted per engine by the Pratt & Whitney PW 617F – E engines allow not only for short take-offs and landings, but also the climb rate of 3,030 ft/minute will get you to 37,000 ft cruising altitude much quicker and more comfortably than ever before.